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A Virtual Dog's Life

EasyCampus Dog Training School Offers Answers for Pet Owners

Portland, OR, December 7th --- Do dogs have feelings? The website Doggone Crazy! tries to answer that question with a new series of online courses
hosted by Educadium. The Basic Dog Body Language class describes many dog body language signs that help us understand what dogs might be feeling.

"By learning to speak dog, we can take steps to reduce anxiety that we may be inadvertently causing our pets,” says Toronto-based course creator
Joan Orr, a scientist and internationally recognized expert in clicker training.

The $30 course, co-created by Teresa Lewin, qualifies for continuing education credits from many professional dog training and veterinary technician organizations. Another online course offered is Be Doggone Smart at Work, a $50 primer on occupational dog-bite prevention.

The pet training site uses the EasyCampus Virtual School Builder, a hosted learning platform developed by Oregon-based Educadium.

“The world of online training has exploded,” says Educadium President Todd Harris. “Innovative self-paced courses like those found at Doggone Crazy! offer an affordable and convenient way to learn nearly anything from anywhere in the world.”

Basic Dog Body Language is available now at the Doggone Crazy! online school.

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Educadium is a next-generation learning management company, which helps organizations and individuals take advantage of e-learning, online training, self-paced content, and distance education. Educadium was formed in 2008 by an experienced group of teachers and technologists. The Portland, Oregon-based company is privately held. Educadium develops the EasyCampus Virtual School Builder, a convenient and affordable LMS used by schools, nonprofits, trainers, and learning organizations around the world to create virtual schools and classrooms.