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Educadium Creates Next-Generation Learning Management Cloud

Global platform for EasyCampus LMS powered by Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

Portland, OR, November 17th --- Educadium announced today that it has completed the final phase of its EasyCampus Learning Management Cloud, an improved hosting infrastructure that leverages the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). New and existing EasyCampus customers and learners now benefit from the security, reliability, and global scalability offered by the EasyCampus LMS platform.

“We’re making EasyCampus the safe and secure choice for organizations building global online learning and training programs,” said Educadium President Todd Harris. “Working with Amazon Web Services, our engineers have created a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure that allows learning organizations to grow quickly online at the lowest possible cost.”

“Educadium hosts e-learning courses and online schools for thousands of business and nonprofit users on every continent. The improved EasyCampus architecture is designed to scale with minimal latency and maximum security.

Educadium’s advanced EasyCampus Learning Management Cloud features:

  • Faster content delivery with Amazon's CloudFront service
  • Lower latency and higher throughput using distributed datacenters
  • Reduced maintenance periods and outages with virtualized servers
  • Secure backups through decentralized data storage with Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Faster page loads for international customers through decentralized worldwide DNS
  • A custom developed software architecture based on the most recent LMS research

Educadium has migrated all EasyCampus Virtual School Builder sites to the cloud infrastructure, which is now fully operational. For new users, EasyCampus pricing starts at $29 per month for up to 250 users. A free version for up to 25 users is available at educadium.com


Educadium (joomla-2017.educadium.com) is a next-generation learning management company that helps organizations and individuals build affordable online schools and training programs. Educadium was founded in 2008 by an experienced group of teachers and technologists. The Portland, Oregon-based company is privately held. Educadium develops the EasyCampus Virtual School Builder platform, a convenient hosted LMS used by schools, nonprofits, trainers, and learning organizations around the world to create virtual schools, self-paced training, and online classrooms.