Online Education Grows and Grows
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 07:26

Is your organization changing with the times?

Except when there are major tipping points, we often forget about the ongoing transformations going on with technology right under our feet.

According to Professor Doug Ward, fast Internet connections, computers and smart phones now provide easy and unprecedended access to online material. This creates the potential to "speak with, work with, and learn from nearly anyone in the world."

Ward says that information (once something people had to seek out) now flows easily to them. For trainers and educators, the changes have major implications.

It's possible now to capture voice lectures and training and put it online at very little cost. Inexpensive storage on platforms like those offered by Educadium has made retrieval cheap and easy. The iPad and other on-the-go tools have provided portable means of accessing and creating information.

The upshot? Your organization may need to move more agressively to keep up with your computer-savvy workforce and user base.

In the book Liberating Learning, Moe and Chubb say that this technological transformation is "reshaping the fundamentals of how human beings from every corner of the globe communicate, interact, conduct their business, and simply live their lives from day to day." This will mean a system-wide change in the processes used to teach, learn and train.

It's an exciting time!