Live Online Classroom Tips
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Thursday, 16 August 2012 07:54

Self-paced learning has taken the training world by storm.

It's cost-effective, media-rich, and convenient for end-users and admins. The expenses are upfront, but once content is built and deployed professionally on a good LMS (hint, hint), self-paced learning pays big dividends. Educadium is a leader in hosted self-paced training and other online learning methods.

But it's a big world online, so it's always smart to look at alternative and complimentary training and education methods.

Training consultant Cindy Huggett is a big fan of synchronous virtual training--in other words, webinars, whiteboarding, screensharing, and live virtual classrooms. These one-to-many and many-to-many sessions can produce terrific learning outcomes.

So if you thought webinars were just for marketers, then it's time to think again.

A good virtual experience takes time and planning. What is the best way to engage a global audience in a live training session? Huggett has some tips for trainers:

  • use visuals
  • speak slowly
  • choose words carefully
  • post discussion questions either on screen or in a chat window
  • call on participants by name
  • and be mindful of potential language limitations

She also recommends working with at least one more person, a producer to help with questions and technology issues. Huggett has some solid advice and resources for facilitating a virtual training session.


At Educadium, we think live meetings add vibrancy and diversity (and even revenue) to any learning site. Moreover, they can be recorded and re-purposed into valuable course content in a self-paced environment.

Need more information? Our team can show you how to incorporate synchronous learning strategies into your Educadium site.

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