The Learning Platform for Healthcare
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Friday, 08 June 2012 09:01

Educadium has been recognized around the world for its affordable, easy-to-use learning management platform for nonprofits, trainers and educators. It's amazing how many of our customers tell us they wish they'd found us a lot sooner--and avoided all of the expensive, bloated systems on the market.

That's especially true in the healthcare field, where trainers and administrators are looking for an agile learning tool for course management, compliance and certification and which won't upset their accounting departments. 

Healthcare is now one of our largest subscriber segments. Educadium services major hospitals, trade associations, medical suppliers, healthcare consultants, and healthcare educators.  It's quite diverse and reflects how important healthcare is to the global economy. 




Simply put, Educadium enables healthcare and medical organizations to improve patient care and improve business processes at less cost. We can help deliver a range of course materials and communications for staff training, certification, and administration.

Our cloud-hosted learning management platform offers an accessible, secure portal to manage mission-critical training and educational materials in order to meet regulatory, operational, and customer-service goals.

Most importantly, Educadium is a responsive, service-oriented partner for healthcare professionals. We offer reliable, easy to use, and advanced learning management solutions that address the unique training and compliance requirements of each organization. Custom projects are not new to us.

The healthcare industry has a lot of things to worry about. Delivering compliance, certification and educational materials in a secure, scalable, and reliable way shouldn't be another headache.

Hats off to all of our healthcare customers and the important work that they do. If you'd like to learn more about hosted learning solutions for the healthcare industry, contact us

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