Protecting Privacy for Online Training
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Thursday, 22 March 2012 07:15

Recently, the White House unveiled its Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights as part its larger privacy initiative. It's an important topic for trainers and educators, who must oversee sensitive data and who are accountable to regulators and accrediting bodies.

You can download the document here.

The report describes seven key consumer privacy principles.

"By following this blueprint, companies, consumer advocates and policymakers can help protect consumers and ensure the Internet remains a platform for innovation and economic growth," said President Obama.

Working with TRUSTe, the leading privacy organization, Educadium has made every attempt to protect our customers and end users. Please see our privacy policy. We don't sell user or course-related data. We also encourage our EasyCampus owners to communicate their own privacy guidelines to their users.

According to TRUSTe, organizations should familiarize themselves with the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, which will likely become a blueprint for potential legislation and an enforcement guideline for the Federal Trade Commission, which is active in the privacy space.

The new privacy framework will work towards: 

* Individual Control: Consumers have a right to exercise control over what personal data companies collect from them and how they use it.* Transparency: Consumers have a right to easily understandable and accessible information
about privacy and security practices.
* Respect for Context: Consumers have a right to expect that companies will collect, use, and
disclose personal data in ways that are consistent with the context in which consumers
provide the data.
* Security: Consumers have a right to secure and responsible handling of personal data.
*  Access and Accuracy: Consumers have a right to access and correct personal data in usable
formats, in a manner that is appropriate to the sensitivity of the data and the risk of adverse
consequences to consumers if the data is inaccurate.
* Focused Collection: Consumers have a right to reasonable limits on the personal data that
companies collect and retain.
*  Accountability: Consumers have a right to have personal data handled by companies with
appropriate measures in place to assure they adhere to the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.

Educadium takes the privacy of its subscribers very seriously, and we never market user data. It's a fast-changing world, but we want to be a long-term partner our subscribers can trust.

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