New EasyCampus Content Delivery Network
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Thursday, 22 September 2011 06:45

Big files are cool.

We have heard from many learning organizations that they want more help with course materials made up of large data files such as audio, video, and SCORM packages. As training and education goes online, it's also getting more vibrant and exciting.

Educadium has added some big enhancements to our cloud-hosted EasyCampus network. Best of all, the improvements are free to current customers and will provide an enhanced user experience anywhere in the world.

These EasyCampus "big file" enhancements include:

  • Monthly storage boosts for all accounts: 10GB/month for Standard; 25GB for Preferred; and 50GB for Premium
  • File-upload sizes increased to 150MB per file
  • Roll out of the EasyCampus content delivery network (CDN), powered by Amazon CloudFront

If you've dreamed about delivering video-based courseware but without the expense, now is the time to do it.

Big files are harder to move around on the Internet, and our improved EasyCampus content delivery network is the right solution. This major new EasyCampus release allows your organization to safely deliver multimedia and streaming content around the world using a global network of servers, optimized for the best possible performance.

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