Associations Embrace Online Education
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Monday, 28 February 2011 07:08

In the popular imagination, distance education is something for virtual high schools and for-profit universities. The truth is far different. Online learning has penetrated every aspect of our educational and training lives.

Over 1.5 million nonprofits were registered with the Internal Revenue Service in 2008. Charities, religious groups, and trade associations are eager to communicate and educate their stakeholders on important issues. That's where online learning tools can help.

According to a new report from Ambient Insight, the demand for self-paced online learning by associations will grow a healthy 14.3% annually over the next five years. Here's what the latest survey says:

Associations spend over $6.2 billion annually on educational events and until recently, most of those events were in physical venues. Associations were once slow adopters of learning technology in general, but this is no longer true. This segment is moving fast to Self-paced eLearning. The current forecast has been revised significantly upward from previous forecasts.

Association members are busy, successful people. For convenience, it makes sense to move training and continuing education from onsite to online venues. Certainly, trade shows, local networking events, and annual conferences will continue to be important aspects of association membership. Going forward, expect a healthy mix of face time and technology to match members with skills and business opportunities.

Using our EasyCampus learning platform, Educadium has built and hosted a number high-quality online schools and training programs for leading nonprofit groups like the NW Public Power Association. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our growing nonprofit practice.

All indications are that associations are ready and willing to embrace convenient and affordable e-learning tools.

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