Add-Ons To Improve Online Learning
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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:12

Educadium’s EasyCampus Virtual School Builder supports thousands of educational, nonprofit and corporate users in dozens of countries. The hosted learning management platform features powerful course templates, discussion forums, quiz-building tools, and password-protected access to learning materials.

Out of the box, EasyCampus is a great way to store and deliver documents, webinars, PowerPoints, and videos to a global audience hungry for convenient access to online learning materials. It's free to get started and complete packages for a branded campus start at just $39/month for up to 500 users.

 Why Choose EasyCampus?

But wait, there's more, as those late-night infomercials might say. Educadium offers optional add-ons to improve performance and functionality. At the same time, it's another way for you to customize your learning program. EasyCampus Add-Ons are offered through our Professional Services team, so contact us for details. Add-Ons are available only to paid subscribers--another reason to upgrade from the free Express version.

The range of options is varied, and it's easy to mix and match various features. One-time pricing for installation starts at $150 and full costs will depend on the level of customization and engineering required for your learning requirements.

Here are five of our most popular EasyCampus Add-Ons:  

  • Enhanced Reporting. You'll be able to track learners through custom records that capture registration data, quiz scores, course revenues, enrollment dates, and more. Data is compiled in near real time, and you can download a spreadsheet to your desktop for further analysis. Reporting is crucial for many accredited learning programs, so we always recommend this Add-On.
  • Course Bundling. Do you need to sell an entire program comprised of several courses? You may need course bundling. This allows you to create groups of courses and sell them for one low price. Payments are handled through our CampusPay e-commerce system, which allows for credit cards or PayPal transactions.
  • Conditional Activities. With self-paced learning, you often want to track the progress of your learners and keep them from taking a quiz or getting their certificate before completing certain activities or reviewing a PowerPoint. For complete control of your learning activities, you need the Conditional Activities Add-On.
  • Custom Course Template. The EasyCampus Course Wizard comes preloaded with five powerful course templates for creating self-paced or facilitated courses. It's the fastest way we know how to create an effective online course with multiple lessons. But sometimes, an organization wants to create a custom course with specific learning activities and be able to replicate it quickly. With our Custom Template Add-On, we can help design and then add a custom course template to your Course Wizard.
  • Enhanced Customer Support. Enhanced Support goes beyond Educadium's much touted unlimited online help ticket support. Get production help and phone assistance for up to 120 minutes every month. Need help or advice in laying out a course or entire online program? Just call. Plans start at $995/6 months, and we can customize a support program to suit the needs of your organization.

There are more EasyCampus Add-Ons available, including registration and enrollment tools. So drop us a line, and we'd be happy to show you how to super-charge your EasyCampus today.

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