Distance Learning News and LMS Usage
Written by Todd Harris   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 09:16

There is an interesting report about online learning released this week from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).

The SIIA describes how the  traditional learning management system (LMS) has changed in educational institutions. K-12 mobile device sales are growing 200% a year. With the influx of these new technologies, particularly low-cost netbooks, the role of the LMS has shifted from controlling learning to augmenting a diverse edu-tech environment.

 E-learning News

One in five schools and districts that don't already offer online courses expect to do so in the next two school years. Much of this usage won't be pure distance courses but hybrid learning, where students are engaged in both classroom and online activities. Indeed, we think hybrid courses will become the norm, bridging traditional education with digital devices and learning management platforms.

Certainly, students like the social networking opportunities of technology in the classroom. But will traditional teachers take to it? We see adoption of hybrid learning fastest at independent and religious schools, where the demand for innovative solutions outpaces the supply of bureaucratic inertia.

With fall term just around the corner, school administrators should ask themselves: Do I have the right kind of learning technologies and teacher-training programs in place? If you haven't developed an LMS or hybrid learning strategy, summer is a good time to begin the planning and implementation process.

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