Add-Ons To Improve Online Learning
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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:12

Educadium’s EasyCampus Virtual School Builder supports thousands of educational, nonprofit and corporate users in dozens of countries. The hosted learning management platform features powerful course templates, discussion forums, quiz-building tools, and password-protected access to learning materials.

Out of the box, EasyCampus is a great way to store and deliver documents, webinars, PowerPoints, and videos to a global audience hungry for convenient access to online learning materials. It's free to get started and complete packages for a branded campus start at just $39/month for up to 500 users.

 Why Choose EasyCampus?

But wait, there's more, as those late-night infomercials might say. Educadium offers optional add-ons to improve performance and functionality. At the same time, it's another way for you to customize your learning program. EasyCampus Add-Ons are offered through our Professional Services team, so contact us for details. Add-Ons are available only to paid subscribers--another reason to upgrade from the free Express version.

The range of options is varied, and it's easy to mix and match various features. One-time pricing for installation starts at $150 and full costs will depend on the level of customization and engineering required for your learning requirements.

Here are five of our most popular EasyCampus Add-Ons:  

  • Enhanced Reporting. You'll be able to track learners through custom records that capture registration data, quiz scores, course revenues, enrollment dates, and more. Data is compiled in near real time, and you can download a spreadsheet to your desktop for further analysis. Reporting is crucial for many accredited learning programs, so we always recommend this Add-On.
  • Course Bundling. Do you need to sell an entire program comprised of several courses? You may need course bundling. This allows you to create groups of courses and sell them for one low price. Payments are handled through our CampusPay e-commerce system, which allows for credit cards or PayPal transactions.
  • Conditional Activities. With self-paced learning, you often want to track the progress of your learners and keep them from taking a quiz or getting their certificate before completing certain activities or reviewing a PowerPoint. For complete control of your learning activities, you need the Conditional Activities Add-On.
  • Custom Course Template. The EasyCampus Course Wizard comes preloaded with five powerful course templates for creating self-paced or facilitated courses. It's the fastest way we know how to create an effective online course with multiple lessons. But sometimes, an organization wants to create a custom course with specific learning activities and be able to replicate it quickly. With our Custom Template Add-On, we can help design and then add a custom course template to your Course Wizard.
  • Enhanced Customer Support. Enhanced Support goes beyond Educadium's much touted unlimited online help ticket support. Get production help and phone assistance for up to 120 minutes every month. Need help or advice in laying out a course or entire online program? Just call. Plans start at $995/6 months, and we can customize a support program to suit the needs of your organization.

There are more EasyCampus Add-Ons available, including registration and enrollment tools. So drop us a line, and we'd be happy to show you how to super-charge your EasyCampus today.

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Distance Learning News and LMS Usage
Written by Todd Harris   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 09:16

There is an interesting report about online learning released this week from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).

The SIIA describes how the  traditional learning management system (LMS) has changed in educational institutions. K-12 mobile device sales are growing 200% a year. With the influx of these new technologies, particularly low-cost netbooks, the role of the LMS has shifted from controlling learning to augmenting a diverse edu-tech environment.

 E-learning News

One in five schools and districts that don't already offer online courses expect to do so in the next two school years. Much of this usage won't be pure distance courses but hybrid learning, where students are engaged in both classroom and online activities. Indeed, we think hybrid courses will become the norm, bridging traditional education with digital devices and learning management platforms.

Certainly, students like the social networking opportunities of technology in the classroom. But will traditional teachers take to it? We see adoption of hybrid learning fastest at independent and religious schools, where the demand for innovative solutions outpaces the supply of bureaucratic inertia.

With fall term just around the corner, school administrators should ask themselves: Do I have the right kind of learning technologies and teacher-training programs in place? If you haven't developed an LMS or hybrid learning strategy, summer is a good time to begin the planning and implementation process.

Review the options, including Educadium's all-inclusive and affordable Virtual School Box package using the EasyCampus Virtual School Builder platform. It includes consulting services and hosting to help even the smallest school create a professional online learning program.

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Virtual Classroom Help and Training
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Friday, 04 June 2010 16:15

This week, Educadium revamped its help systems and support materials. It's an ongoing effort to make it super-simple to create an EasyCampus online school, virtual classroom, or training program.

First, we heard from many users that they wanted more materials available publicly on joomla-2017.educadium.com. There is now a tab on the homepage called Support, with materials for new and experienced e-learners. Some of those downloads include revised step guides, the latest campus administration manual, and access to the EasyCampus Knowledge Base--a compendium of helpful answers to common questions.

New EasyCampus Support Page

We've also overhauled our help ticketing system. The goal: Get you better answers more quickly. Help tickets can now be completed on our website or inside your EasyCampus. Some of the useful features include:

  • Ticket submissions for unregistered users
  • Better file format and attachment support to help clarify user questions
  • Foreign language translation capabilities for non-English speakers
  • Improved forms and interface

What hasn't changed is the fast, expert responses from our online Support team. Most tickets are closed successfully within one business day. If we don't have an immediate answer, we'll tell you straight away and when you can expect a response. Need your own personal help desk? Ongoing campus administration and customized production help is available through our Professional Services group.

Go ahead and check out our new EasyCampus Support area as you create your online learning program. It's always free--and our team is waiting to hear from you.

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LMS Choices, EasyCampus Customers
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Friday, 28 May 2010 09:50

Educadium has some great customers. They are serious trainers and educators on the cutting edge of the knowledge industry. They want a powerful yet affordable learning management platform to realize their dreams, not a lightweight Web 2.0 app. Around the world, schools, nonprofits and businesses are building exciting new online ventures with EasyCampus.

More importantly, today's learning professionals need a partner to support them as they grow. The LMS "engine" is certainly important, but it's the partner who supports your e-learning "vehicle" and vision that matters most. Our Professional Services group is the best in the industry, and our ability to customize and extend the traditional LMS sets us apart from garden-variety hosting companies.

Why Choose EasyCampus?

But don't take our word for it. We thought we'd let our customers describe their experiences with us.

"Educadium’s great tutorials and templates made setting up my campus a snap," says childcare trainer Tammy Marino. "We enjoyed the step-by-step instructions and responsive help team. Our company-branded campus made my clients feel comfortable."

On a new page, we've collected more testimonials about Educadium and our EasyCampus Virtual School Builder hosting services.

We know you have choices--and we'll even help you sort through the clutter. Whether you're an e-learning newbie or a Moodle expert, we get it and are here to help you realize your public or private learning goals.

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Virtual Classroom Instruction and Step Guides
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Sunday, 23 May 2010 12:05

EasyCampus offers a wealth of resources to help any online trainer or teacher get up and running quickly. Sometimes, it's just a question about how to upload a PowerPoint or link to a YouTube video. At other times, you might need more direction about the layout for an entire online course.

Whatever the e-learning question, Educadium's customer support team is ready to assist. Trained teachers and instructional designers in the United States will get back to you in about 24 hours--often faster. Help ticket forms are available inside every EasyCampus learning management system, and no question is too trivial. Every registered user on your campus has free access to our technical support systems.

Customer Support also has a large Knowledge Base of articles that extends the materials found in our tutorials area.

 EasyCampus Step Guide

This week, we've drawn from our Knowledge Base and updated our help materials to make it easier to do things yourself. We call them Step Guides. They are short tutorials on popular EasyCampus activities. In a step-by-step fashion, these guides walk you though common tasks like changing a page title or uploading a SCORM activity to your online course.

Step guides are available now as part of the appendix to our updated 2010 campus administrator's guide. They will also be going online in the coming weeks. To get your updated guide immediately, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Some of the guides work only with paid subscriptions or professional services, so check your campus configuration and contact us with questions. In the new campus administation guide, here is a list of the tutorials that will simplify your EasyCampus preparations:

  • Add a link within text
  • Add a page
  • Add a picture to a course
  • Add a sound to a course
  • Add files to your campus
  • Add a Flash object to a course
  • Add a SCORM object to a course
  • Add a video to a course
  • Add a YouTube video to a course
  • Assign a teacher to a course
  • Assign users to roles
  • Backup and restore a course
  • Create a calendar event
  • Create a certificate
  • Change a language on your campus
  • Change the name of your course
  • Change the name and description of your campus
  • Change the color theme
  • Charge tuition for a course
  • Change the chat properties
  • Create a course bundle
  • Create a course category
  • Create a course
  • Create and add a new learning activity
  • Delete a course
  • Edit a page
  • Edit a text block
  • Enroll people into a course
  • Enroll people into your campus
  • Create a custom enrollment code
  • Force a password change for new users
  • Grade course assignments
  • Hide a course under construction
  • Insert files into a course
  • Work with blocks on your campus landing page
  • Move a course to another category
  • Create custom fields for user accounts
  • Create a quiz
  • Rearrange the order of courses
  • Remove a page
  • Re-order course pages
  • Reset a course
  • Terminology and glossary

More steps guides are being created all the time, and we welcome your suggestions for new ones. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any comments.

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New LMS Account Management Features
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Monday, 10 May 2010 09:33

EasyCampus gives trainers, educators, and instructional designers the power to create a full-featured online school or training program at a truly affordable cost.

After upgrading to a subscription package (starting at $39/month), EasyCampus owners have access to new administrative features like custom branding, a course wizard, and an unlimited number of courses. If you are on the free Express version, you should seriously consider upgrading in order to enjoy all of the capabilities of EasyCampus.

This month, we have upgraded the subscription versions of EasyCampus to include more powerful account management features. For new subscribers, a My Account module has been added to their site administration panel. This can only be seen by campus administrators (not teachers or learners).

 My Account Module

My Account streamlines and consolidates important campus owner and campus admin information into one convenient area (e.g., resource guides and help tickets). It provides easy access to important billing information.

Through daily updates, the new account information area includes:

  • The names of the campus administrators
  • Email links to Educadium account management
  • The name of the subscription package
  • The campus name
  • The campus URL
  • The amount of storage used (in GB)
  • The number of registered users
  • The campus creation date

We've also improved the custom branding capabilities of the EasyCampus LMS. Under Theme Settings in the Site Administration panel, there is a new self-service logo selector that lets campus admins upload and place a logo of up to 60 pixels high by 600 pixels wide. Popular file formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF are supported.

EasyCampus Logo Selector

Custom placement and theming can still be ordered through Educadium's Professional Services team. But the new EasyCampus Logo Selector is the perfect no-cost way to brand your campus and online courses.

These features are automatically added to your EasyCampus when you upgrade from a free Express to a paid account. Current EasyCampus subscribers can choose to add these upgrades at no charge. Contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details and to make a request.

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