Create Online Training with EasyCampus

EasyCampus is the complete online training platform for nonprofits, educators and trainers.

In minutes, you can set up your online school and create an online course that looks professional and that meets the most stringent learning requirements. It’s safer and more convenient than free alternatives like Moodle and far cheaper than commercial LMS software like Blackboard.

"As a small businessperson, I am looking for value, great service, and reasonable fees," says childcare specialist and trainer Tammy Marino. "Educadium delivers all of that and more. EasyCampus will enable me to expand my business, enhancing the value I provide to my clients.”

Every EasyCampus comes loaded with discussion forums, a quiz builder, certificates, communications tools, and more. Import your self-paced content or link out to live webinars. You can even charge tuition with Educadium’s CampusPay service. Optional add-ons for reporting, course bundling, webinars, and Google Apps increase the power and functionality of the e-learning experience.

EasyCampus is fully customizable and works well in educational, nonprofit, and corporate settings.

Getting started is simple. For every EasyCampus owner, Educadium offers five templates at no extra charge to help you build you first course, whether self-paced, instructor-led, or hybrid (a combined onsite and online class).  Upload your content, register your learners and you’re ready to go. If you have questions, there is unlimited online support and a variety of step guides and help videos.

Build self-paced courses with multimedia and SCORM packages

EasyCampus doesn’t require any special downloads and is accessible from anywhere in the world from a standard web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Educadium’s scalable cloud infrastructure was designed for unparalleled performance and security. Your privacy is our No. 1 priority, and Educadium is a proud member of TRUSTe. We never sell your information or collect credit card information.

Small nonprofits, websites, associations, vocational schools, religious groups, and large corporations use EasyCampus to create secure learning environments. The best news? It’s free to get started.


Educadium’s EasyCampus offers tremendous value for organizations of all sizes. We know you have options and might even want to host an online school on your own. We encourage you to compare our prices, features, and service.

EasyCampus Express is the first step for most campus owners. It’s free for up to 25 registered users per month—great for individual teachers and small groups. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Express wasn’t designed to include all of the features and branding capabilities of the subscription packages. But you’ll have everything you need for a “micro-school” or pilot training program. Monetize your EasyCampus by charging tuition for courses through CampusPay, a convenient merchant services solution that’s free to set up. There’s never any requirement to upgrade with EasyCampus, and you’ll always have access to Educadium’s highly regarded Customer Support and help materials.

Subscription packages offer the full power and convenience of EasyCampus.

You’re able to upload personalized logos, choose from more than 20 color themes, and use some 75 different language packs. Other enhanced features include batch registration of student accounts; course backup and restore; a course-creation wizard; and preferred rates for CampusPay transactions.

Upgrade your account inside your EasyCampus. Express customers should click on the “Upgrade My Campus” link and follow the instructions. Subscribers can change their package options by clicking "Change Subscription" in the My Account section of the Site Administration menu. You can pay by credit card or by PayPal. If you have questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is glad to help.

Which package is best for you? Pricing is based on features; registered user accounts at the end of the month; and the amount of storage offered. As a rough guide, estimate the number of total users you expect to have at the end of the first year (administrators, teachers, and learners). Choose the EasyCampus package with enough users to cover your needs.

Building a larger school? EasyCampus offers a number of upgrade paths and options to support tens of thousands of users. Educadium’s Professional Services team can even a build a custom school to your exacting specifications.

For non-Express packages, most campus owners pay monthly through an automatic subscription. However, if you pay annually, you save 10% on your subscription. Subscribing customers are also eligible for customized invoicing. Contact us for more information about custom billing.

EasyCampus is licensed as a hosted service, and we do not offer the underlying software code for download. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before signing up for an EasyCampus.

Need Extra Help?

Educadium’s Professional Services team offers a range of services from custom theming and course templating to data integration and campus maintenance strategies. Educators and trainers like you, they can provide a personal walkthrough and give you a custom appraisal of your campus and e-learning strategies.