CampusPay LMS Services

The Profitable Way to Teach and Train

Educadium makes it easy for organizations and individuals to reach learners around the world. In minutes, you can create a branded EasyCampus to store digital materials and create cost-effective online classes for knowledge sharing, assessment, and certification.

Knowledge is a valuable commodity. Many companies and individuals want to reach new learners and build for-profit online schools in the process. Our goal is to enable you to realize your educational and business dreams. CampusPay is an optional Educadium service that turns your EasyCampus into a profit center.


  • Profit from digital content and expertise
  • Underwrite online school operations and expansion
  • Reduce accounting expense and paperwork
  • Instant access to ecommerce and merchant services
  • Consolidated Educadium billing statement
  • Ability to charge tuition by course and by course bundles
  • Easy to set up and manage

How it Works

  • Starting with your first EasyCampus class or course bundle, you may charge tuition.
  • Educadium will collect online tuition on your behalf through CampusPay’s e-commerce and payment system.
  • Students can use credit cards or PayPal. (For your security, Educadium does not store any credit card information.)
  • Educadium charges you only when there is a transaction. There are no set-up or monthly maintenance fees.
  • Every month, Educadium remits tuition payments, less Educadium’s fee, plus a full accounting for those payments.
  • User refunds and adjustments can usually be made for up to 60 days, with your administrative approval.  
  • Need your own e-commerce or shopping cart solution? Educadium's Professional Services can suggest some options.


Based on the free or subscription package you select, Educadium charges a processing fee based on a percentage of tuition revenue collected:

CampusPay pricing

Start making money today through CampusPay. It's easy to get started--sign up for an EasyCampus then opt-in to CampusPay with an email that includes your campus name and billing information. We also encourage a link to or electronic copy of your latest course catalog to ensure payment accuracy. For questions or support, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it