Frequently Asked LMS Questions
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What is Educadium?

Educadium provides advanced hosted learning tools that make your organization more productive at less cost. With our simple and affordable EasyCampus learning management platform, we help major nonprofits, trainers, and decision-makers connect to learners around the world with less effort. Creating a cost-effective training program or online school has never been easier. To customize your learning materials or to help you get started, our team offers expert instructional help in creating compelling campus themes, course templates, and self-paced materials.

For educators and businesses, it’s possible to teach anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere—with greater accountability and without the bricks-and-mortar expense. You can charge course tuition to increase revenues. For learners, it’s a more convenient way to take courses, master new skills, and meet organizational goals.  top-iconTop

How Does It Work?

Educadium enables you to create a branded, secure knowledge portal to manage all of your organization’s learning activities and digital materials. You’re in charge of the content, the teachers, and the users. We host your EasyCampus and provide the support. Every client and learner receives access to Educadium’s world-class support desk, staffed by trainers, teachers and IT specialists who care about your success. top-iconTop

What is a Campus?

An EasyCampus is a secure Educadium website where you manage your teaching and learning activities. You’re able to create online classrooms and to assign roles and privileges to your users (administrators, teachers, students, etc.). It takes about five minutes to create a free Campus, and there are many ways to customize it for your educational and training needs. top-iconTop

Which Package Should I Choose?

Select whatever works best for your needs and budget. EasyCampus Express is free for up to 25 users. If you’re a trainer or administrator, decide how many courses you might need, the kind of teaching materials you will use, and the number of registered learners you expect to have. You can start with just one class and grow from there. Upgrades and services that help you teach better and grow your business are available when you need them.

Compare EasyCampus packages to find the right one for you. top-iconTop

What If I’ve Never Taught an Online Class Before?

We're here to help. We understand that many managers and trainers are most comfortable in a physical classroom. Teaching online has its unique rewards but may present new challenges because of the technology, teaching methodology, and new tools. Our job is to make it easy for you.

Whether you’re a pro or an absolute beginner, Educadium provides free course templates and training for all teachers and students. Go to our Learning Center to get started with some video tutorials. And for individuals and organizations that need additional help, we offer one-on-one consulting and mentoring. Our team can even customize an entire curriculum so that you can focus on teaching and facilitating. top-iconTop

How Do I Set Up My Campus and First Course?

Educadium has created friendly online wizards that will guide you through the set-up process. Just enter your email, and no credit cards are required. You will be asked a series of questions about the type of campus you’d like to create and who will be the first campus administrator. In minutes, you’ll receive an email and have access to your own feature-rich EasyCampus. More features are offered for paid subscribers, who can choose from monthly or annual prepaid contracts. Larger organizations can request a custom set up and manual invoicing. top-iconTop

How Do Learners Access My Course?

Educadium makes it easy to register new students. With EasyCampus, you can enroll your learners by hand or, if you've subscribed, through a batch upload. Learners will have password-protected access to your secure online materials.

To reach a wider audience, you can allow the public to register for one of your courses with unlimited or guest access. At all times, you have complete control. top-iconTop

Can I Charge Tuition for a Course?

Yes, you can.

We offer CampusPay merchant services to help you create a successful and profitable school. What you charge is up to you. Educadium collects a small monthly transaction fee (10% for Express owners and 6.5% for subscription campus owners) based on the total tuition collected for each course every month. If you want to offer tuition-free courses and materials, you can do that. top-iconTop

How Is My EasyCampus Integrated with My Web Site and Branding?

EasyCampus Express campuses let you create unique campus names and titles. Subscribers can customize their EasyCampus with a logo. You can place a link to your online school on your Web site or in marketing materials. top-iconTop

What Kind of Hardware or Software Do I Need?

Educadium’s EasyCampus Virtual School Builder platform is a hosted, browser-based service and requires no special software. For browsers, we recommend Firefox 3.5+ or IE 8. We no longer support IE 6. Though not optimized for other browsers, EasyCampus will also work with popular mobile devices, Chrome and Safari. There may be minor visual differences among different browsers, but it shouldn't affect performance or functionality.

For best results, you’re encouraged to access your EasyCampus through a high-speed broadband service, and check to make sure you have adequate audio and video capabilities, including Adobe Flash. Educadium will perform well on either a Mac or Windows-based computer. top-iconTop

How Much Storage Space Will I Need?

An average online course can take up to 10 MB of disk space. Your class may be larger or smaller, depending on the amount of teaching materials, multimedia, and student contributions. Review the product packages for more details. Videos, PowerPoints, and other materials can be uploaded and placed on EasyCampus pages, or you can link out to content on sites such as YouTube or your own servers. Additional storage for subscribers is offered if needed. Educadium offers complimentary bandwidth, with a site allocation based on total users (250MB/user/month). top-iconTop

Is My Content Secure?

As a member of TRUSTe, we follow privacy guidelines and treat your content and mission-critical data like our own. Our team has extensive experience in large-scale hosted applications and has designed security and backup processes that ensure reliability and scalability. Learn more about our hosting infrastructure. top-iconTop